9 February, 2021

Senior Software Engineer – Contractor (Full-stack, Ruby on Rails)

By Marcos Tonina

Senior Software Engineer – Contractor (Full-stack, Ruby on Rails) – 4 positions

Our development team is growing, and we are looking for motivated talent with at least four years of experience building and maintaining web applications with Ruby on Rails. People applying for this position should enjoy crafting high-quality, well-tested code. And, since we’re a consulting agency, they should be excited about the varied challenges that come with providing world class Ruby on Rails consultancy to our customers. 

We have a culture of teamwork, diversity, and recognition. We look for people who are collaborative, optimistic, and curious. On a day-to-day basis, we always seek to be happy, passionate, humble, growth-minded, and hungry for new challenges. Are you interested in applying for this job? Keep reading! 

What success looks like 

A successful Software Engineer is going to drive amazing experiences for users using technologies we master such as Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and JS Frameworks like ReactJS. Must have the habit of continuous learning. Further, it involves using awesome agile practices, cross-functional collaboration with design and QA teams, fast iteration cycles, continuous integration, continuous delivery, writing well-tested code to deliver software with the highest quality. For us, it is essential to have the right Software Engineer; we know what is necessary to grow and how to mentor our existing team at the same time we deliver excellent work to our customers. We need the kind of people that care not only about crafting excellent experiences, but also about helping to improve everyone around them. 

 As a Ruby on Rails Sr. Software Engineer you will:

  • Assist clients providing technical solutions to scale their business needs
  • Implement technical solutions using Ruby on Rails in the backend  —sometimes with rich front-end technologies such as React
  • Participate in making architecture and application design decisions that result in reliable, extensible, and maintainable software
  • Mentor fellow team members via formal/informal code reviews and pair programming
  • Plan and implement strategies to ensure proper operation on a diverse web browser and mobile platforms, as well as accessibility best practices
  • Prepare technical documentation when needed
  • Implement testing strategies that strike an ideal balance between the unit and other types of automated testing
  • Collaborate with our QA department to create integration testing scenarios whenever they are involved in your project
  • Train yourself to master the tools, languages, and libraries that we use every day 
  • Interview potential new hires.
  • Exercise technical leadership at a company-wide level and influence the technology and approaches that we take with new clients
  • Estimate projects using 3 point estimate and PERT estimation techniques
  • Promote industry best practices such as continuous integration and delivery
  • Lead by example, take responsibility and work confidently with flexibility and autonomy as a senior member of our team.
  • Applying design patterns to application and systems design
  • Agile software development such as extreme programming or scrumban
  • Preparation of written technical specifications
  • Familiarity with UNIX and cloud platforms such as AWS. Serverless experience is considered a plus
  • Fundamental experience with DevOps such as deployments, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Real experience with security, such as knowledge of the most common cyber attacks documented by OWASP

You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Boast precise and effective communication with clients and teammates in either English or Spanish
  • Enjoy working remotely without supervision
  • Have a positive attitude towards new challenges and problem-solving
  • Have remarkable attention to detail
  • Commit to doing what you said you would do; for example: “I’ll get back to you once I find out why the issue is happening or give an update at the end of the day about the progress” and actually send the update before stop working
  • Have the hardware needed to work

Technical requirements you must have:

 To be successful in this role, you need:  

  • Ruby on Rails (5+ years)*
  • Postgresql, MySQL (4+ years)
  • AWS: S3, ELB, RDS, Elasticache (1+ year)
  • Javascript, React/Angular/Vue (2+ year)
  • Rspec + Cucumber a plus

*We are open to receive applications with less experience: in case you have worked in a Rails application for at least 2 years, don’t hesitate to apply.

Your salary:

Starting at $2,500 USD or monthly invoicing based on billable hours.